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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bachelorette Tiara

Last weekend was Eco Yogini's bachelorette party. In true Eco-Yogini style, every attempt was made to keep the party as environmentally friendly as possible. Without the typical bachelorette penis-paraphenalia (paper plates, balloons, cheesy games), it was a bit of a challenge to make it feel like a bachelorette party, and not just a girly-gathering. We decided to stick with one hallmark of the typical bachelorette party - the tiara.

However, we decided this should be no ordinary tiara, and we should avoid the cheap-plastic variety. Instead, I got to thinking about a hand-made wire/bead tiara. I have a big box of wire and beads from my jewelery-making hobby, and had a few ideas spinning in my head. Then I found this lovely tutorial which confirmed my suspicions that it was indeed possible to make a pretty tiara out of just beads and wire.

I carefully selected some pretty, earthy-coloured (green, blue, white & iridescent) beads from my stash. Within a couple hours of bending and twisting wire, the tiara emerged. I wrapped it up in a paper-bag, with some pretty black ribbon strung through holes at the top of the bag.

To attach it to her head, we threaded the same pretty black ribbon through the holes at the ends of the tiara and tied it on at the nape of the neck (like putting on a bandana, or a kerchief). We used a few bobby pins for good measure too. (Here's a picture of our bachelorette, all decked out and ready for the party)

And, since we had planned a wine-tasting - I also made a matching wineglass charm for the bachelorette's glass.

The whole evening was pretty fabulous. We had lots of local wines, and a great spread of food including local cheese, fruit, and bread, as well as home-made potato skins and fabulous jello-shooters (made inside of hollowed out fruit rinds instead of using plastic cups). Check out the evening at Eco Yogini's blog.


  1. I just love the crown! Way to go! I just love your inventions. (I still use the amazing cosmetic squares you sent me and LOVE them!)

  2. delayed response, but this is fabulous! love it.