a blog chronicling my days of unemployment and all the crafty things i'll do during it

Thursday, April 1, 2010

blogging and baking...

today is my first official day of unemployment. i just finished up a contract and don't have another one beginning until may 10. so, i've decided to try to resurrect my blogging abilities and dust off my basic html skills.

i don't think i was ever a particularly interesting blogger before. mostly i blogged about my melodramatic undergrad university life and some nice friends read it and commented on occasion. livejournal was so hip back then (everybody had one!). i've tried to keep blogging with my same old old livejournal account, but i've been sporadic at best. i also think i've lost most of my lj readership - and it's hard to keep writing when it feels like no one is reading.

since i don't own a cell phone, nor do i "tweet" - i do enjoy the occasional updates from good friends via LJ. but, i don't check my livejournal friends-page obsessively anymore. in fact, all my LJ feeds come to me via google reader, along with my favourite webcomics and DIYer blogs. i keep myself updated every morning while i eat my multi-grain raisin bread with a glass of local apple cider.

fortunately for all of you (and for myself really), my excessively emotional early-twenties are over. i've analyzed my google reader feed and thought a bit about popular blogs like the hundred mile diet and the julie/julia project and, i've come to realize that a good blogg(er) needs a defined topic and perhaps even a vision or a path.

so. here we are. i'll be crafting, cooking, baking and generally DIYing my way through the next 5 weeks of unemployment. i'm going to try to take on a new project daily (or at least 3-5 times a week) and then tell you all about it here.

for today, i did something kinda simple. i baked a cake (rhubarb-blueberry almond with cream cheese icing). it's chris' aunt's birthday tonight and we're going over there for dinner. blogging is a great thing to do while the cake is baking! i'll post pictures later when it's all put together (but before it's all eaten).

tomorrow's DIY project will be playing with my blog, to make it prettier and give it some sort of relevant banner/pictures etc. as well as planning out some upcoming projects. stay tuned.


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about your DIY adventures jen!

  2. you're fantastic!!!! i heart you!!! and really wish i could eat your delicious sounding cake ;)

  3. WOOT!! Cannot wait :) (also, the beeswax candles are part of that right?? AND I was really wanting to DIY body wash from liquid soap- I have two glass BISH containers that need fillin'.... do ya want to try it out?)

  4. Came for your picture, stayed for the blog. Good luck with this, I had 6 months of (f)unemployment and all I really accomplished was gaining some levels in some games and downloading a lot of jazz.

  5. katie & jess - thanks! and i'll still read your lj entries too :)

    lisa - the beeswax candles are DEFINITELY a part of this. i'll order the supplies on tuesday (after all the holidays are over and business hours resume). i'm up for trying DIY body wash too!

    andrew - the pic is pretty silly. but it's my best DIY action shot. it's from some pottery-painting at the clay cafe. i've got a big list of crafty projects planned. and i don't play video games or listen to jazz much, so i should be safe :)

  6. well I must confess - I don't really post very much in LJ anymore.

    I have however started a blogspot (for school, life and other such adventures)

    check me out! www.muchadoaboutkatie.blogspot.com