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Saturday, April 24, 2010

project updates

washable cosmetic squares - and the lucky winner (chosen via random number generator) is a green spell.

thanks for sharing all your eco-friendly cosmetic ideas and products. and much thanks for reading my blog - yay new readers! one thing i have noticed, is that the felted wool can get a bit "hairy" with aggressive use - but it can be trimmed back with some scissors. some thick flannel might be another good fabric option for the pads. i say go with what you have, or can find second hand - re-purpose something!

yogurt - i implemented the modifications i mentioned in my DIY yogurt post, with GREAT success. this time, i held the milk at 185°F for 30 minutes prior to adding the starter. once it was cooled to 115°F, the starter was added and i put the whole thing in a thermos that we bought at MEC for a mere $15. we'd been considering one for our camping trips anyhow - so now it will double as a yogurt-making "machine"! when i screwed the cap on the temperature of the liquid was 114°F. after 12 hours of letting the bacteria do it's thing the temperature inside was 106°F. in 12 hours, the thermos only lost 8°F. so, the yogurt stayed within the sweet spot (100-115°F) for yogurt magic to happen. after a few hours of refrigeration in glass jars, the yogurt was the perfect consistency - probably twice as thick as the last stuff we made. it actually stays on the spoon, rather than dripping off! yogurt success!


  1. OMG! I can't even believe this! I didn't even comment on that for the giveaway - I was so excited about your project. I've talked about it everywhere - through my business, 5 Seed, and on A Green Spell. Wow! Heck, I was so excited about that post that I immediately added this blog to my blogroll! ;)

    Thanks so much!

  2. hey green spell - i sent you an email to your five seed gmail acccount. respond and let me know where i can send your winnings :)