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Monday, April 12, 2010

not so funemployment...

my DIY projects met a few road-blocks late last week and over the weekend. as a result, it's taken until today for me to get back on track.

in trying to make the best of my current unemployment situation, i neglected the nagging feeling of decreased self-worth that seems to come with unemployment. last week, i applied for EI; i started a few projects; i took care of some car-related paperwork and appointments; i gathered up income tax stuff; i got some exercise; i cooked and i cleaned; i did laundry; i came down with a cold.

after spending sunday on the couch, sick and drinking cold-fighting herbal tea, with my trusty box of tissues nearby; this overwhelming feeling of worthlessness appeared. it came after spending an evening with a person who could make the queen of england feel worthless without even trying. one of those people who just crosses the line with their opinions, over and over again. and it just sort of put me over the edge.

despite all this free time i have, unemployment is making me feel sort of inadequate and expendable. who knew that i would actually long for my busy work schedule, full of appointments and meetings keeping me busy for 8+ hours per day. my job, as hectic as it could be, gave me value, and a sense of importance.

i let those feelings get the best of me this weekend. but they're gone now. i also used them as motivation to get myself up and going this morning. and i scheduled some (important) things to do today.

one of those things, is my next DIY project post. which is coming later today - an up-cycled gift for my pregnant sister.


  1. oh I'm sorry you feel like poo Jen!! You ARE important and I admire your fantasticDIY projects... I wish I was able to do these things too! I know in a few months I will be in the same boat, and will call you and say "I now understand EXACTLY what you meant!". and you will have great advice- like you always do :)

    I'm glad you're feeling better, but let me know if you need anything or want to just hang out (that person wasn't me right?? lol).

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy. :-( I am sure that in a few days it will pass. It sucks to be feeling this way though, regardless of how long it lasts. On the upside, you do have work starting again on May 10 to look forward to, and it's a lovely time of year to be unemployed.

    P.S. If you're looking for a project, I accept gifts of all sorts!